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Short for "The Bomb Diggity", often expressed spontaneously or with excitement to describe something of pure awesomeness.
Example: "Hell yeah I listen to K Dot, that dude is the BD".
by Greatstrydes August 16, 2017
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The BD, aka The Ben Drain, Is a fingering technique invented over 7 years ago by Archbishops School pupil Ben Drane... Altho questioned by many of his friends to be a fake and improper way to pleasure a woman, The BD has remained close to many boys hearts and some have even taken the technique into Adulthood.

The correct procedure for a BD is.

1 - Fold your 2nd and 3rd fingers over so they press agaist your palm.

2 - Insert Your smallest finger and your Index finger into the Vag.

3 - Open these two fingers as wide as you can.

4 - insert your 2nd and 3rd fingers into the already gaping Vag

5 - Rub intensly or slowly for desired effect.

"Trust me, the girls fucking love it" - Ben Drain
Andy - "Dan, u get lucky last night?"

Dan - "Yes mate, Took home that slut"

Andy - U smash it?"

Dan - "Yes mate, proper BD'D it!"

Andy -"U gave her the BD ......Good lad!"
by Oh Gav! October 20, 2009
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