Joe: I'm going to listen to some K Dot now.
Chuck: Who's K Dot?
Joe: Kendrick Lamar.
by Sabermetrics January 28, 2013
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The word K dot originates from the word K which is a slang term for ok. Adding dot on the end to the word K dot makes it a sarcastic and negative comment. It is the opposite of the word ok it means you are clearly not ok and have chosen to be very out spoken and distasteful about doing so. This word is most commonly used by bitches and people with no respect for the people or person they are talking too.
Millie: I don't think our friendship is working out I think your an awesome person we just aren't meant to be friends at this point in our lives.

Chloe: K Dot ( walks away)
by UrbanDictionary10962 December 10, 2019
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Written as "K." Used in conversation as another way to say {Cool story bro} or express how you don't give a flying fuck about what was just said.
"Did you hear about Kanye West's latest album, She's not a hobbit?"
"K dot"
by P3h15t0r1c November 22, 2014
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k dot kid

is when u slowly rub your dick until you cum all over your hands then you lick your creamy liquid
Tom:yo dan you just k dot kid ?

ohXD:yh i did taste good
by iloveurbandictonary April 5, 2010
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