The “Aux Cord” is a level 2 sex move where the man while performing doggy pops his thumb in his lady friends anal cavity.
Yeah man we were going hard last night and out of nowhere I pulled “The Aux Cord”
by The Reecer June 21, 2023
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The blood and lifeline of a Car trip it is handed around the car so that all the homies can partake in playing there sweet jams you until some shitter plays Nickleback then the aux cord is immediately yanked and not to be returned to said homie.
Homie 1: Pass the aux cord bro

Homie 2: Yeah Bro!

Homie 1: Plays Nickleback

Homie 2: What the fuck bro!

Homie 3: Fuck that bro!

Homie 4 : Fuck off!
by USAFmondesir October 23, 2014
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This is the person in charge of the music for a party or gathering. The source of the music is generally a smartphone or tablet.The device may use an auxiliary cord or Bluetooth connection to play music using a Bluetooth speaker or stereo system.
Rahim volunteered to be the aux cord DJ for the party.
by Mr. Juanderful December 22, 2021
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A gay ass rapper who raps about fucking babes even though he’s too much of a pussy to fuck babes.
Guy 1: Yo, you hear the new song Pyromaniac by Lil Aux Cord?
Guy 2: No, I’m not gay.
by Ayyyuhhhh January 1, 2018
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Hand Me the Aux Cord” is an expression used to request an auxiliary audio input cable in order to play music off a mobile device. On Twitter, the expression is often used to caption images of flaming vehicles.
Me:Yo hand me the aux cord
Friend: You better not play no lame shit

Me:*playing Never Going to Give You Up*
by Anthony__Stifler August 6, 2017
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