Rahim means merciful

And is one of the best names out there it usualy represents a character that is one of a kind, the person can be fun interactive and unique.

He is usualy a leader and one that stands out from the crowd.
Oh wow that person is so caring he's a rahim.

WOW he is soo fugging cute.

That rahim is awesome.
by PotatoPotato123 May 21, 2012
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Rahim has a great personality. He respects girls and barely talks to any. Most rahim's are religious. His name means merciful. Sometimes rahim's will get annoyed but other than that rahim's are really nice. Be like rahim
Hello rahim i see you reading this
by Lalalagaikkk December 19, 2017
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Rahim is a guy who’s is responsible and very smart.not only is he intelligent but he is very kind.If you have not meet a Rahim then you are unfortunate and have not experienced a different kind or relationship/friendship/love.you can always have a good laugh with them. Not only is his character amazing but physically a bottle of hot sauce.you will always want to lay him down and snuggle him. He will always be happy to help you out when he cares about certain people.
He’s such a good guy and I wish I looked like him.wow I love Rahim
by Bernadette Delgado-Avila February 20, 2020
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Rahimvis a very fit guy
All the girls love him and want him to be theirs

Hes funny and loyal and a great person to be around
Girl 1:I just saw a rahim. Hes so fit
Girl 2:Omg I'm soo jelous
by Lolfactor123 May 1, 2016
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Rahim is the best. He says he can never date someone that isn't like him. He is very protective, he always wants you to be mean to others if they try to talk to you. He would stare at you will his beautiful eyes and beautiful smile, you can feel the love ready just by him looking at you.
Rahim is the best person to date.
by chuffsthemoky October 30, 2020
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A koala looking brown person known for his constant spazzy movements and frequent "sniffles". He is in a legally binding marriage with his wooden dolphin, who he frequently cheats on with the infamous Laila. A wild Rahim can be characterized by the constant texting, skyping, or dreaming of Laila. On a side note, he cleared at the TOC as a junior, tooling his partner to elim day.
Rahim: Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala
Rahim: Koala Koala Koala Koala Koala
by brownlightning July 27, 2011
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If you’re name is Rahim you’re in love with a girl named Michelle
Random guy 1: what’s your name?
Random guy 2: my name is Rahim.
Random guy 1: you’re gonna fall in love with a Michelle.
by Ohshityourhere June 7, 2020
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