When your taking a girls panties/knickers down and your not quite sure if she will let you take them all the way off but then she arches her back so to raise her ass up,to give you the all clear
Keith: How did it go with jennifer last night?

Barry: As i went to take her knickers off wasnt sure if she would let me take them right off but then she did the arch

Keith: I miss the arch
by Mackem13 March 21, 2011
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Arch, aka Arch Linux is a great Linux distribution for people who want to build their own system from the ground up and are able to RTFM.

It is loved among more advanced linux users for things like its package manager (pacman) and the AUR (Arch User Repository) which contains packages from the community that are not in the main repository.
1. What is the best dis-
2. Arch is best why dont you use it n00b
by nummerGDD June 13, 2019
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Slang for intercourse, so called because of the extreme curved posture of the back in the throes of passion.
Two drinks and this girl and I will be arching all night!!
by Oh-Me-Oh-My June 14, 2007
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arch, to arch /ahrCH/
verb transitive

to desire to cause harm, foil plans, and generally create aggression against targeted individuals or groups, used esp. with supervillains
We go around "arching" people at work.
by Dr Girlfriend October 26, 2011
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Short for archetype.

An adjective used largely by writers when referring to plot and characterization elements that are less about realism and more about thematic and metaphorical resonance. Most references to the term are negative and refer to parts of a story that are cheesy, forced, or inconsistent (e.g. a character goes against their established personality just to include a refusal of the call).
Steve Rogers using a garbage can as a shield at the beginning of Captain America: The First Avenger is such an arch bit of blunt foreshadowing.
by Alexander Peregrine August 13, 2012
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Claims he is a good boy is a thot. Invites you over and gives you his hoodies then says you should stop talking. Very low temper will get mad easy doesn't matter if he is a cunt to you. Knows exactly what to say and will have you on his knees no matter what he does.
¨damn was that Arche Harris
¨yeah heard hes got all the ladies for him¨
by yoandjy10 May 31, 2018
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If you're out and you are flaunting it to those whom are in denial of your status. Context: when discussing the decision to wear cosmetics and the like and/or applying them in front of those whom do not now.
"My dad was trying to tell me to change and I was like ," Think twice! Im arching it out while you aren't looking."
by Fredh2o July 26, 2013
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