There are two females and two males involved. Each female has four on the floor facing opposite directions. Each male is on his knees back to back. Both males simultaneously pork the respected females from behind. The clapping sounds made from male to female and male to male (thats why your back to back) creates an applause.
Warning: do not try with clap-on lamps
Bro, "the applause" we got last night was fantastic.
by Jimmy Dean the sausage master September 14, 2008
The act of relieving semen in your hands, and then clapping in your partner's face.
"After they finished having sex, John blew a load in his hands and blinded Mary with some Applause for a job well done."
by Butterman505 December 9, 2009
"Dude, that guy was amazing at guitar! Did you hear that applausion he got? I almost went deaf!"
by Max A. January 29, 2006
What you call the clap if you have it for a long time or a very serious case
Paris Hilton doesn't have the clap, she has the applause
by deeezenutz September 5, 2009
A series of self given high fives driven by one of the following purposes:

1. Congratulate someone else's achievement.
2. Acknowledge the end of a joke, speach or musical scene.
3. Sing the "Happy Birthday" song.
4. Force the speaker to shut the hell up.
5. Kill a flying insect.
6. Mimic a seal.
7. For the sake of peer pressure.
You see, the applause is only present in the Happy Birthday song to prevent us from realizing how ridiculous it is. Try to do either of them separately and you'll get what I'm saying.

I'm just starting the applause so everyone can tell the joke is over and it's ok to laugh.
by Renaum August 19, 2012
1.The clapping of the hands after a sensational performance.
2.A way of showing thanks for a job well done by cheering or clapping.

At the end of the performance, there was a well deserved applausal from the audience.

A baseball player hit a home run and the fans gave a loud applausal.
by Robert T. Westbrook September 9, 2006
A worse version of "the clap"
meaning to say that this person has HELLA stds.
this bitch tiffany doesn't just have the clap, she has the applause!
by Katy Cheyenne April 21, 2010