A sexual position where the man inserts his cock AND his balls into the woman, resulting in infinite amounts of pleasure and possibly death by orgasm.
Shit, man, I'm still pleasured from when I did the 21 with Jeana last night.
by Bob McBobbenstein August 27, 2008
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A numerical code term for the sexual position doggy style. Looking at two people from the side, the legs of the person on all fours make the 2 and the thruster's legs make the 1.
Want to do the 21 with me tonight?
by peggacorn January 15, 2017
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A runner's challenge in which the athlete must run 21 miles and drink 21 beers within the 24 hours that constitute his or her 21st birthday.
Alex tried to do a 21/21/21 for his birthday but got overzealous and passed out by noon.
by keykeys December 18, 2008
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In reference to 21 savage and the act of being savage as fuck.
Simply saying "21 21" after either being or doing something savage.
by 2121 enthusiast March 30, 2017
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21 Savage's signature punchline. Pretty fucking annoying.
21 Savage: I've been in the Hills f*&kin' superstars, feelin' like a pop star
21 21 21
If you listen to his other songs you might hear it too
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"You stupid!" "No I not!" "What's 9+10?" "21" "You stupid!"
by cudi_lehippy August 20, 2014
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American guy: I'm finally 21! Time to get wasted!
English guy: You're 3 years late
by JackLikesTits February 24, 2015
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