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Interjection; Short for there's no way. Impossible. Improbable. No way that happened. Used in disbelief or shock.
THAYERS DUDE! I told you to be here hours ago!
by mr thayers September 15, 2010
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Pronounced (th-air)

A small speck on the map of missouri that is full of potholes, mud crickets & crackheads. A place where the only thing to do is jump on the river and hang out at the bank in the next town. Home of the Thayer Bobcats the only thing that matters during football season.

Attractions near thayer:

walmart, the river and the bank.
Popped another tire on a ginormous pot hole in thayer!
by thebarbiek June 25, 2018
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The definition of a rebel or a bad boy

It comes from the arabic word - 'thoura' which means up-riser
Person A: look at me, i'm smoking a cig!
Person B: dude you're not Thayer
by TutsiDaisi December 16, 2009
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