Used to express mulitple "that" girls
You: " Yo, you hook up with "that" girl last night at Daves?"

Me: "which one of those "thaties" are you talking about? Kristen or Ashley?"

You: "Haha"
by Criffy June 19, 2008
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Thati is the name of a person that gets along with everyone , however Thati is also a weirdo , a very cool weirdo , although Thati can be very friendly , don't get on the bad side of Thati ... you don't want to see Bad Thati.
Chris : I need someone that is not a snake and who is really reliable and super dope.
Tayla : We need a legend
John : We need a Thati
by South African Names guide August 16, 2017
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A combination of 2 words, that and fatty.
Usually used in place of the word "that" when talking to a fatty
"why would you think thaty"
when used whilst speaking to a fatty
by electronic honkey May 1, 2005
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