n. Person who promulgates divisive political theories.

by gnostic 1 April 09, 2013
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Alternate term used to describe the club drug MDMA, commonly known as Molly. The genesis of the name evolved from the less common "Maggie" to "Margaret" to "Margaret Thatcher" to "Thatcher."

See also: Thatch, Thatchy, Thatchering
Dude, Herb did so much thatcher last night at the club that I could hear him grinding his teeth over the music!
by Thatcheringly Handsome November 22, 2014
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(n.) A wanna-be skateboarder, poser. Commonly seen riding a penny skateboard, or longboard. Shops at zumiez, and wears everything from there. Usually plays lacrosse, and uses words such as "yolo" and "swag" seriously.
Haha, look at that lax-bro who is mongo pushing a longboard while wearing clothes from diamond supply co, he's skating just to look cool. What a thatcher.
by Vert Dog February 20, 2014
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Thatchers are one of the best dudes to hangout with. They know how to have a good time and how to roll a nice blunt. They are hot and usually have blondish hair with brown or hazel eyes. A great boyfriend for someone who is willing to put up with him. At first sight you may not think so but he has a lot of love to give and is dirty when necessary. Falls for the smart, independent, and beautiful women.
*not afraid of a good time
“Who’s that hottie over there having a great time?”
“That’s my man Thatcher! You better stay back he’s taken and she don’t play around.”
by HidX0X January 04, 2019
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Strong vodka drink with a splash of a mixer.
Going to go home and make myself a tall thatcher.
by Wind beneath your slippers December 27, 2016
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A Thatcher is someone that is extremely picky, acts like he knows everything, and quite frankly a mindless sheep that follows trends and likes to think he is “cool” for specific reason that are irrelevant. He also overreacts about everything, and will constantly make you cringe.
Random person: *makes stupid joke*

You: your a thatcher
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by Theledged27 October 10, 2019
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A type of male who thinks he can do anything but he cant.
John: I can beat youin the hitting category of pitch, hit, and run.
Biz: stfu you cant. Youre such a thatcher
by Bizzyboii May 09, 2016
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