A phrased used since forever recently trademarked by Le Paris Hilton. It can be used in whatever situation, and it will always make sense.
Your grandma died.
That's hot.


Can you take out the garbage?

That's hot.

It lightens up the situation.
by Keke April 10, 2005
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This phrase usually means "that's sexy" although it can also mean "that's cool."

In 2005, celebrity Paris Hilton began using "that's hot" as a catch phrase, increasing the popularity of the less common "that's cool" meaning.
The more traditional "sexy" meaning:
Chad: Check out my new miniskirt.
Derek: That's hot!

The recently popularized meaning:
Chad: Check out the celebrity phone numbers I downloaded from some the net. Some stupid famous chick had them on her mobile phone and they got stolen.
Paris: That's hot!
by Trudy Wower August 2, 2005
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Phrase made famous by wold-renowned genius Paris Hilton. Sounds like the opposite of "That's cool" but means the same thing.
(Blasts Paris Hilton between the eyes with double-barrel shotgun)

"Now THAT'S hot, skank."
by Chernorizets Hrabr January 10, 2005
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Something one says when they look through the binoculars and see a flying bus.
Will Smith: “Ahhhhahaaa. Ah that's hot, that's hot.”
by THAT'S HOT! December 18, 2018
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A phrase you say when somebody does something or says what they have previously done that is not extremely attractive but you don't know how to respond
Friend: *belches*
You: "That's hot"
by LemonSkittlz June 18, 2018
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Some dumb bitch Paris Hilton with NO brains COPYRIGHTED this phrase. So now I can't even say it, nor can you, for if you do, she get's paid. That's not hot. Also, she said herself that she has no talent or personality, yet she's famous worldwide. I agree with that goddamn bitch.
You: That's hot.

Me: Great. Fucking great. That bitch just earned about 35 million because of you. I hope she spends it on food, cause that is what she needs to have more of. Anarexic whore.
by Ryan Eakkachaichanvet August 22, 2006
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The phrase used by Paris Hilton to describe global warming. Paris is going to stop playing the dumb blonde and watch "The inconvienent truth" on dvd and then have a serious talk with her father to meet with Al Gore to make sure the Hilton Holtes have a major part in saving our world. This will redeem her unsavory past and give her some substance. NOW THAT'S COOL!
"That's hot, and it's getting hotter"

Don't wait, to take action, this is not the diet that you will start tomorrow, we have to act NOW !

Our future depends on it...
by Mimiig68 November 25, 2006
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