1) Having or giving off heat.
2) To make a burning feeling.
3) Stolen and/or wanted.
4) Something of great interest; Intruiging.
5) Having extreme sexual desire or attraction.
6) Angry.
1) The stove was really hot.
2) The food was over-cooked and hot.
3) The hot suspects got away with the hot car.
4) Damn, that trick was hot!
5) Alisha is really hot.
6) Did you see Steve? He was really steaming hot.
by Kunzile February 07, 2005
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1. Something by which, when heated increases in temperature, thus becoming "hot"
2. awesome
3. one who is desirable, or whom you have an infauation with. Often seen as good looking by peers of the opposite sex.
4. stolen goods
5. a place where the po po are on alert
6. dom
He's is h-o-t, hot!
by Anonymous October 29, 2003
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I. High in tempurature, opposite of cold.

II. Physically attractive (also, see hott)
Ouch! The stove is hot.

Damn that girl is hot.
by Kathleen da Green Bean November 19, 2006
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