A phrase that can be used in many situations as an insult (interchangeable with the word stupid/retard) or to express pain.
Ex 1 (expression of pain): *stubs toes against table leg* "That's Fast!"
Ex 2 (insult): Ricky: "Girls who fart scare me more than death."

Me: "That's fast."
by dankboo November 27, 2018
What Is Fasting?
Fasting is when you consume no food or drinks, with the exception of water, for a set period of time. It’s important to drink plenty of water, not just because you’re not eating, but because it’s easier to draw blood from your veins when you’re well hydrated.
I was fasting overnight, my doctor told me to
by kush queen August 1, 2013
A girl or guy who is quick to engage in sexual activities.
Damn that slut was fast.
by SpeedDemon February 28, 2005
he was so fast on a bomb coulda dropped and he wouldnt have noticed
by crazy auld git July 22, 2020
Moron-speak for the word "speed".
"He drank that Steel Reserve with so much fastness, I punched him in the testicles for showing off"
by Hank McDizzleson July 3, 2008
sex u get from someone u're not having relationship with
"yea, tonight im'a go out get me some fast-fast!"
by GUNGADIN June 9, 2006
The Fast is a legendary entity that can surpass anything in its way.

Also known as Jhin from League of Legends.

The creator of The Fast is known as Waffle Jr.
The Fast is the fastest thing to ever exist.
by TheFast July 22, 2018