Verb; the unexpected and rather irritating occurrence, usually while playing NBA 2k, when a player on the court performs a horrendous attempt at a layup. The player will jump straight up with no body movement or attempt to put the ball in the basket, just jumping into a defender in front of him and missing by clanging it off the back rim, or rolling around it until finally it comes out.

"hahahahaha you did that layup."
by JesusShuttlesworth23 August 17, 2012
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an easy score. an uncontested basket.
He saw Betty across the room and he knew it was going to be a layup.
by jsaure October 28, 2004
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Side tracks where trains are parked overnight and on weekends. Initally used to refer to subway layups, but now can refer to freight-train layups.
Layup are your friend.
by DigDug March 6, 2004
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1) How to describe the action you take when you had way too many drinks the night before and don't want to go to work/school.
Holyfuckingshitman, i am layup today. I think I had about 23 beers last night, but I kinda lost count after #14.
by pizzozo October 28, 2004
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When its getting towards closing time, and everyone's cocked, you look over to the other side of the bar and that girl thats drooling drunk... yeah, she's a layup. At this point, she'll go home with anyone with a pulse. No extra effort needed, easy layup.
Mike: its gettin late man
Steve: You're hopeless Mike, at this point, layup's your only option.
Mike: Yeah, i need a layup and i need one yesterday. oh thank god, theres Welma! She'll do.
by squints6969 November 8, 2011
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A word for when you are faced with a certain predicament that must be worked around-- more specifically, a situation that is part impasse, part dilemma. It is an event or other such obstruction that prevents you from achieving a certain goal that usually must be puzzled out in some form or another. Good for situations where words like puzzle would be appropriate, but specifically the kind of puzzle to be found in Zelda games.

Not to be confused with holdup, which is a situation that by most definitions is a conundrum that cannot be solved through one's own power. Also not to be confused with laidup, which is to be incapacitated (usually through sickness or injury), though it is related.
Sorry I'm late, I had a bit of a layup on my way here: traffic was seriously backed up on 43rd, so I had to find another way 'round.
by tahutoa February 3, 2020
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Someone who's elbow crosses the end of the table on a beer pong shot.
"Watch the elbow on Layups McGee over there. He's practically dunking that shit."
by Yung Johnny October 25, 2011
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