A day that is fateful and makes you cry inside. Can be getting embarrased, getting busted, having somebody find out something they shouldn't know, or something else. Repracussions can include suspensions or even losses of friendships, loss of facebook quotes, and other things. Effects of fateful days can be felt even months after they occur.
Zach - dude can you put more of my quotes on facebook

Oscar - not after that fateful day

Zach - But its been more tha a year

Oscar - ah
by Gerald92 January 8, 2010
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This refers to a time period, circa 2016, in which Jamie 'Stinky' Bridges was casually playing a Lava Parkour on famous battle royale game 'Fortnite'.

He then put the mic right up to his arsehole and went to rip an absolute belter of a fart but instead met with a reeky stench. Upon inspection, he further concluded that he has shat his jocks.
Person 1: "I'm struggling to chase the ball right now."

Person 2: "Just like Jamie Bridges is struggling to chase the guilt away from that fateful day in 2016 when he stank the gaff out"
by OhhAshleyOnYT September 12, 2022
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this is on May 22nd. the best day of love for opposite sex couples where they be with people they really serious about and committed to each other and they go all out on each other to show each other how much they love each other. female or male can freely ask someone to be the opposite sex Fate Valentines like you are fated to be together. and you expect the most and best. some people save up all year long and even skip normal valentines day just for this one special day that last 24 hours starting at the new day at midnight so on may 21st. midnight starts May 22nd Fate Valentines day.
i can't wait boy , Fate Valentines day Tomorrow. im about to get the girl of my dreams... i can't wait!!!!
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