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National Blowjob Day

After Christopher Columbus got off of the Mayflower (in may thus the name MAY-flower) the first thing he did was find the best kept Native American woman and in return for a sack of corn he was given the best blowjob of his life. His crew was so inspired by this that they all went out and did the same, and although they were completely out of corn, this tradition spread across Europe making May 21st national Blowjob day.
“Hey man, you gonna be celebrating National Blowjob Day this year? It’s on May 21st
Hell yeah dude, I just need to find some corn”
by NBJD May 27, 2018
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Only on May 21st a girl can randomly send one picture of their vagina to their boyfriend.
by UglyWolf June 08, 2018
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