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A juxtaposition and derivative of the game Yellow Car and the Thai Bride phenomenon.

A game played in a group or with just one other individual: whenever you see an Asian woman (from Japan, South Korea, Thailand etc.) with a caucasian male, the first person to see this proceeds to punch the other in the shoulder.

Alternate version include 'Reverse Thai Bride/Thai Groom' in which the gender roles are reversed. Technically one can punch the other in the shoulder at the sight of an Asian woman, thus playing 'Groomless Thai Bride' but this is usually seen as racist.

Prefferably played in non Asian countries, as playing the game in the Orient would not present the players with much of a challenge.
Person 1-(sees Thai bride with husband) "Hey dude..."

Person 2-"Thai Bride" *punches John in shoulder*

Person 1-"Hey, no fair, I saw them first!!"
by mogofogo August 17, 2012
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A bride which can be brought from a cataloge who are from thialand, it can also be used as a insult.
Tranta's moms a thai bride because she works at a bingo hall
by Tranta February 16, 2006
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