A sickness where people constantly text message each other throughout the day. Also can describe someone who wont stop texting and is on the phone texting ALL DAY. Can possibly lead to carpal tunnel.
I think Mandy might have texticular cancer because she is texting Sarah and shes only 3 feet away.

If you keep texting your gf 100 times a day you will get texticular cancer.
by Sean Mullett February 9, 2007
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A term used to describe a person who texts an excessively.
Shaniquah: Hey Tyrone, hang on a sec I need to text my girlfriend.

Tyrone: Gurl, u got Texticular Cancer.
by Big Burnzy March 2, 2010
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Pain or soreness in the thumbs from incessant text messaging, and general cell phone key use.
Her swollen thumbs indicated that she was suffering from a serious bout with texticular cancer.
by Ariesthirtyone May 7, 2009
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one who cant seem to stop texting.
P1-That kid just cant stop texting.

P2-i know, i think he has texticular cancer.
by ke ke ke keller February 27, 2009
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1. The condition of having an text message inbox so full, it takes you off the grid for a while. Especially messages from one individual.

2. Describing an individual that sends you copious amounts of inane text messages, incessantly.
1. Arrgh, I can't send any messages! My phone's got texticular cancer!

2. Matt won't stop messaging me. That guy is texticular cancer.
by Headless Chicken December 11, 2010
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