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1) If thou receives a text that has been replied from a text that he or she sent an hour or more ago, thou is not obligated to reply.
2)Thou shalt not text asking a friend for someone else's number.
3) If you send a text, and the receiver does not reply after a long period of time, thou is not supposed to send another text.
4)Thou shalt not use text to talk unholy smack to another human being over the phone, only to act like it never happened the next day
5)If thou receives a long text from a friend or associate thou is not supposed to reply with just a "Lol","K" or "Oh"
6)If thou receives a text from the wrong number, thou should not be rude about the sender using the wrong number, but politely tell them they have the wrong number
7)If the sender insist that they have the right number, thou will receive the right to tell them off rudely.
8)If thou receives a text from an ex's friend saying that they're going to kick your ass, thou must stand firm against the offender and challenge him/her to a duel.
9)If thou is in a textual argument with another, thou will not make a friend/family member text/call the opponent because thou is to much of a pussy.
10)Thou shalt NEVER break up with and or get together with another human being over the phone.
Richard's life was in ruin because he did not follow the Text Commandments
by Mocoholi October 16, 2010
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