noun (tehxt torck) or (txt tlk): Uses: Mobile phones and MSN Messenger. The most annoying form of speech ever, more annoying than French. Widely ununderstandable, it abreviates as much as possible leaving a code which only the author can decrypt. Though it does help the author write it quickly, the recipient must undergo strenuous investigation to be able to reply in an equally confusing manner untill the competition of confusosity gets to such a point, that their grammatically incorrect minds explode a little more.
Common uses:
'lol' (Laugh Out Loud)
'c u l8er' (I am hoping to meet with you in the near future)
'rofl' (Rolling On the Floor Laughing)
'iyuttomiwgms' (If You Use Text Talk Once More I Will Get My Shotgun)
by Josh Turnbull May 15, 2005
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text talk or txt tlk is a langauge used in SMS messages to make them easier, and quicker, to write. The need for this should be restricted to text messages but no some how its wormed its way to IM chats and even written message below is an example of message someone sent me.
i (L)d it but evry1 startd sayin tht i cut maself n evrythng wen it woz ma falt!! so i aint nomor! but it woz wkd!!
by Forcemaster July 22, 2004
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1. The main reason why children in Africa are dying.

2. Type of writing used mostly by individuals bewteen the ages of 12 and 25, usually showing a lack of any communication skills. Also is a sure sign of laziness, and people who recieve messages written in text talk often suffer from body traumas and vivid hallucination.
Regular message:
Hey, Timmy, do you have to go to the mall? Kathy told me to ask you that if you're going, could you please buy her that green shirt? Because, oh my God, it's just so fucking adorable!

Text talk message:
hey timmy d u have 2 g 2 da mall?? kathy tld me 2 ask u tht if u're goin could u plzz bi hr tht grn shrt?? caus omg it jst so fukin adrbl!!11!
by Billy Spastic October 18, 2008
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A language that has evolved through ubiquitous texting and social networking sites. Words are typically truncated, and correct capitalization is non-existent. Similar to l33t speak.
joeblo192 :"R U THERE LMAO?"
smartass889: "Stop sending text talk, dumbass."
by Agent Arsenic January 11, 2009
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when someone adds unnecessary letters to words.
girl1: heyyyy girrlll whatss uppp?!
girl2: bitch, stop text talking. you sound ridiculous.
by annoyedddgirrrrl November 13, 2010
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when someone refuses to pick up the phone and call you. instead they want to text the whole conversation.
hey what are you doing this weekend?
going to __ you?
im not sure i wanted to see what your doing we should figure something out.
um ok why don't you just call me instead of talk-texting me???
by aniqueone July 1, 2010
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Someone who falsely uses their sweet talk words to gain trust love and adoration from the opposite sex to get attention and to overindulge in text flirting
I can't believe he says that to everyone , I thought I was the only one he called beautiful or baby . He's a smooth talking text whore
by Westcoast wildcard May 15, 2016
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