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(1) Sending someone text messages faster than he or she can respond, usually resulting in the reply being saved as a draft as the new message opens. Usually accidental. Happens frequently with texting someone on AIM who forgets the recipient is on a cell phone.

(2)Intentionally sending someone many text messages over and over to get their attention, screw up their phone, or just otherwise be a pain in the ass. This method works well with some phones, as you can hit "send" over and over to send the same message repeatedly. Also works well with palm pilots where you put one recipient in all "send to" slots, and then send the mass text over and over. Works exceptionally well with AIM and other Instant messaging programs, especially when multiple screen names are linked together (Beware of rate limiting).
Joey's deading calls on his cell. Its time for a text bomb. Who's down?
by MaRrKeRZ March 30, 2009
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The act of sending the same text message (SMS) to a cell phone by putting the same number in the "To" field multiple times and then sending.
To a group of friends...."Lets text bomb Barbra!"
by Currey F May 09, 2008
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The solution to sending a very sensative text to the WRONG person.
Sophie is your girlfriend. Youre texting your bro, and you accidently send "Dude. Sophie is a hube bitch." to Sophie instead of your bro. You immediatly text all you bro's saying "TEXT BOMB SOPHIE!!!" all your friends will then send her numerous messages saying things like "The purple monkey fucked a gay christmas tree." or "I farted therefore Ricky Bobby ran for president." after sending at least 20-50 messages, the hope is she will delete her entire inbox out of frustration and not see the text you accidentaly sent her.
by Baseball25 March 17, 2011
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Sending the same message by filling up your message box approximately 40-100 times
a pain in the ass to get but a lot of fun to give.
Tara just text bombed me that bitch!
now my entire mail box is full.
by HAAAYOH December 29, 2008
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The intentional or uninentional ruining of a friend or colleague's present experience by continual texting, beyond what is considered standard and usual.
Texter 1: Blech! How are you doing with in-house payroll and benefits admin?!? Outsourced HR Company continues to screw it all up for us. :(

Texter 1: Hard work at first but very very happy! Happy to talk through it in person when I return. We are in CA now.

Texter 2: Okay. Yay for you...CA!

Texter 2: I have something I can't wait to ask you.

Texter 2: It has something to do with providing benefits at our company.

Texter 2: Okay, I'm so going to fire our health insurance broker. I can't stand her.

Texter 2: I know you should be enjoying this time with your family. I can't wait to hear what you have to say when you get home.

Texter 2: Okay, I am REALLY going to stop texting you. Have fun!

Texter 2: Can you please call me?

Texter 2: Okay, sorry to have text-bombed you. I will seriously wait until you come home next week. Call me!
by Westywordz May 28, 2013
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Texting one word over and over again while someones phone is off so when they turn it on their phone will have a spaz.
I text bombed Tyler the word proactive 102 times yesterday.
by Snurpus November 29, 2009
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the act of two or more people sending many texts about a single topic to a person for the purpose of aggravating that person
Willie, Mika, Mike, and Richard were textbombing Pat about social liberalism. I thought Pat's head was going to explode!
by sunshinedubber August 18, 2011
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