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Texas girls are the best around. They're country girls living in the city. They have the best of both worlds. They are sweet, funny, and smart. They're typically good girls, with an edge. They can play dirty or they can play innocent. All Texas girls have a bit of an accent, but it's not easily caught unless you're listening. They love country music, but they'll listen to nearly anything. They are beautiful and most mothers love them. They have no objection to muddin' and guns and fire. They love their beer, but they don't go crazy. They know how to hold their own, so watch out. It's their southern-like charm that saves them from their mouths. Treat your girl right or someone else will; guys love the Texas Girls!
Those Texas Girls never fail to surprise me.
by applejuiceandbeer January 19, 2011
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texas girls are unlike any other. they are gorgeous, down to earth, and nice. but if you cross their they will bitch you out like no other. they have REAL blonde unlike you JOISEY or california girls. they have the hottest brunnettes blondes redheads girl with black whatever you want. they are naturally tan. they have the cutest laughs in the world. even the black girls are hot. they are country girls living a city life. and if any texan girl tries to deny that they have an accent they are LYING. but its not a hick accent its a cute texas southern accent and not very heavy. they aren't a bunch of gold-digging, fake, liposuction, silicon blown up dolls like the girls in LA! she can rope and ride, barrel race, even calf rope. Likes to have fun not as crazy as a redneck girl. texas girls are VERY FAMILY friendly. she is the type of girl you could bring home to your mom. and they are SUPER smart. they dont go out and get drunk and high everyday. they dont drink as much beer as joisey girls. and they are just down right the best girls in the entire world. !
im from california thank god i moved to texas girls are HOT. she can rope you in bed too ahaha.

everythings bigger in texas
by jayjayjay19 September 01, 2008
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A girl who can stick up for herself but will let a southern gentleman help her for courtesies sake. She know how to to handle herself in just about any situation. She can throw a punch so don't get fresh on her. She can be sly and slippery so don't let go. She's always ready for anything and can change for the atmosphere of the evening.
Don't ever disrespect a Texas girl 'cause she gotta a daddy and brother at home who can and will kick your ass. She loves her family and will do anything for them. She loves animals, especially puppies. She can be tender and she can be mean as a rattlesnake. Treat a Texas Girl right and she'll stick by you.
She knows how to drive a manual, tractor, motorcycles, and trucks
Texas Girlcountry girlKaitlinKatie
by Cream July 03, 2012
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