Not to be mistaken for a “Karen “ Karyn ‘s have their own unique sense of self. They can light up a room with a sweet joke or beautiful smile. Karyn’s will give you the shirt off their back and are the most enthusiastic people when it comes to helping others. If you are lucky enough to find a Karyn hold on for dear life because the journey with her is always exciting.
A Karyn is like a unicorn, most people believe they’re to good to be true.
by cureon May 26, 2019
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Karyn is a name used to describe a woman of irresistible beauty both inside and out. A Karyn is completely genuine; you won’t have to guess what she is thinking or feeling because she will tell you, rather matter of factly. A Karyn is both tenderly devoted and ferociously loyal. Her love for you will never wane and she will defend you with every ounce of her being. A Karyn is a wonderful mother, sister, confidante, friend, and a blow your mind lover.

You will know if you have encountered a Karyn, even without knowing her name. She is the one your drawn to when you’re within ten miles of her. From that distance, you’ll know what you’re feeling, but you’ll be oblivious as to why your heart is racing and you feel weak in the knees.

A Karyn is as compassionate as she is spellbinding. She devotes her life to others. It is not uncommon for a Karyn to be a nurse. If every you have the misfortune of being a patient, make sure to demand that Karyn is your nurse. She’ll have you feeling better in no time.

A Karyn is usually psychic. Her empathy, sensitivity, and intellectual brilliance converge in a way that expands the universe of possibilities.

You may have the opportunity to be loved by a Karyn. That you will love her is a given. Still, their are barstools in pubs across the globe supporting dumbasses who had their chance and lost their Karyn. No brew will heal that wound.
Dude: “Wow, who is she?”

Dipshit: “That’s my ex-girlfriend Karyn.”

Dude: “Wow, sorry man.”

Dipshit: “yeah, I know.”
by Slinkymink May 31, 2019
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Better known as Karen, the mum of the group. Very quiet, which makes her the best listener. Go to her with your problems, she’ll listen for hours! She always thinks she’s not good enough, but we all see that she’s constantly working so hard and trying her best! And she’s better than all of us because she’ll always be nice to you even if you hurt her. :(
Me: Karyn?
Karyn: yes?
Me: KAReN?
by Kiwiziwi February 29, 2020
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someone who not only can handle more rides then any guy could dream of, but is also majorly hot and doesn't mind getting a job done even if she has to get dirty but stay hott doin it.
Karyn decided to go on the 'coaster 100 times more then any dude!
by Jab 'em June 11, 2009
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Due to her deep beauty, Karyn are majorly envied by their peers. Youthful, extremely intelligent and most of all incredibly stunning, Karyn seem to be all around winner in every subject. All the girls want to be her, all the boys want to be with her.
Look at me, i am short, fat and middle aged, oh i wish i would look and be like Karyn.
by up yours cheap tart February 5, 2010
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Karyn is the name of the giant snake given by Taylor Swift during her Reputation Stadium Tour.

During this tour Taylor has 3 giant snakes. A big one, a cobra, on the big stage who appears at the end of Look What You Made Me Do and two small ones who appears during Shake It Off.

On August 3rd, 2018, a fan asked Taylor the names of each snakes. Taylor replied with the name of the big one, "the special one" which is "K-A-R-Y-N".

Later, Taylor Swift bring Karyn during "I Did Something Bad" at the opening of the American Music Awards. Karyn was there at the end throughout fire visuals. After the show, Taylor posted on her Instagram story a review of her performance and say "my duet with Karyn".

Then , medias started making headlines like "Meet Taylor Swift’s snake Karyn, who stole the show at the AMAs".
"KARYN IS THRIVING!!!!" -a fan reacting online as looking at Karyn's picture.
"OH MY GOD! KARYN IS THERE" -the Taylor Swift's fandom reacting when they learn Karyn was at the AMA's.
by getawaycarmp4 October 11, 2018
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The type of wife that is great at putting grumpy babies to sleep, whilst also able to satisfy her man.
Husband: "Hey, can you get the baby sleep? I really really want to see the end of this program and then get a load away"

Wife: "Does this name tag read "Karyn"? No? Then turn that TV off and go root yourself"
by Pubcrawl February 5, 2010
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