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A Teucke is a living being (or at least pretty close to it). Moreover it is the most ugliest creature you can find in the Central European Countries. Typical attitudes of a Teucke are lazyness, a lot of lamenting over everything what does not fit into its world view, a strong antipathy towards Maltes and changing moral values depending on the current situation. A Teucke wears the natural warning colors pink and yellow, therefore it is visible from a long distance. The typically apperal of a Teucke consists out of either a yellow "post" shirt or a pink shirt.
Its heavy weight is caused by its exorbitant demand to scoff. Whenever a Teucke is not eating or out for "Zivi", it is usually talking about "Birgit" and about other funny stories from the daily life. Furthermore it is famous for making weird sounds (probably because of suffering braindamage). (-> example)
Its closest friends in the countryside are "bitch", "bunny" and "Schlampe".
Teuckes usually live their lifes according to the motto "BAD BOY 4 LIFE".

Spots where you can find a Teucke: In Schools, in BMWs, at home online on IRC (using the synonym "Schw4rz3r"), at "Zweibrücker" while its organizing "Vorfis", at "Wittbräucke" while it is riding tractors or also at the gas station when "bitch" is working.

Common quotes and sounds produced by a Teucke:

"Mh mh mh."
"eeend gut!"

by Miltion Obotie October 11, 2005
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