a great dad in a discord server i'm in

yes because its true
Me: "Teruteru is such a great dad 10/10"
Me in character (kotoko): "I'm gonna go watch some lesbian threesomes now, seeya"

Him in character (Teruteru): "Ok"
by Matthew.lol June 22, 2021
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Trtuteruism is a new religion. It is where we worship our lord Teruteru Hanamura. We pray by saying "WHERE WOULD THE WEPON BE", we dring teru water everyday and we eat food, but alot more food than usual (home cooked meals are preferred, bur any food item will do)
PERSON A:ugh... I hate being a christian, muslimc, ect...
PERSON B:why don't you convert to Teruteruism
PERSON A:i recognize the name... Is it danganronpa related?
by Teruteruswifey November 2, 2020
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If someone is an adorable smol bean, they must be Teruteru Hanamura.
She was literally Teruteru Hanamura. Perfection.
by TeruteruIsSmol January 6, 2019
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A deep fried boi who likes to sexual embarrassment. He can cook Meat On The Bone very well. Also he is big fan of Avril Lavigne, Paris Hilton, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber.
Teruteru Hanamura "Where would the weapon be!?"
Hajime Hinata "Meat On Bone The"
Everyone else "How dare you can spell a word wrong in PTA Hajime, we'll gonna vote you as the culprit!"
by 177013 May 2, 2019
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teruteru hanamura’s way of cursing is a bit odd, but his accent is cute, so I’ll let it slide.
by Vincent💖 September 29, 2020
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Just remember, his senses are open y’know
Teruteru Hanamura - You liek muscular men
by Terusoda October 18, 2021
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