A really pretty girl who is a down ass chick. They are super funny and very easy to talk to and are a friend for life!
You live next to Terrine? Damn, your lucky! I live with an Emily, ughh!
by cafaro1004 February 5, 2010
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1. A way of describing someone who is possible of doing pretty much anything(must be Roman Catholic).

2. A way of describing someone who is good looking to an absurd amount. A beauty BEYOND the word beautiful.

3. Someone who can kick the shit out of fat little Ass Clowns who have no friends, suck at life, pose off of other people's jokes, are hated by everyone they meet, have ugly ass faces, yet still thinks they are fucking AMAZING. If these things bug you enough to the point of being ready to connect a large metal bat with the persons head, you are probably a "Terrin"

4. Someone who was put on earth to end the lives of Berlingers
1. Friend: Hey, have you played assassins creed yet?
"Terrin": I don't bother, i can do all of that in real life anyway, so the game just isn't cool.

2. "Wow, your face its just so..."Terrin", it brings tears of joy to my eye just to look upon it.

3. Kid 1: That fucking Berlinger is so annoying, i just wanna kill him
Kid 2: Oh wow, your a "Terrin" too!?
by T3hm4Nn January 21, 2008
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Someone who goes through life chill, takes everything in measure, can do whatever the hell they want, and is an EXTREME rebel. <:)
Friend: "i can't believe you're getting a tatoo AND mohawk! you're so rebelious!
Terrin: i can't wait!
Friend: your SO Terrin
by Terrin December 6, 2008
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1. Whipped by a girl who will never give him any
2. Bobs his head while waking (as if giving a blowjob)
3. Wants to be everyone's friend (even though he is hated)
4. Has shit or food thrown at him (preferably during lunch)
5. Thinks he is a pirate but really likes men and touches himself
6. A two-face muslim
Wow, he gave her something and he isnt even her boyfriend. Must be a Terrin.

Wow, this kid looks like a gay retard. Must be Terrin.
by elfs January 18, 2008
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A Terrin up the trash is when 5-15 girls crowd around your penis. Then force you to cum as they pass the cum around they each take a lick from it and try to tear it apart with their teeth.
Bro, I did a terrin up the trash last night, The first girl done was Brittney so I gave her some more.
by Cyanic Memes January 8, 2018
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A pate like food, made from crushed penguins.
I caught a penguin today, I think I'm going to make it into a penguine terrine.
by el buzzward September 20, 2011
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