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The best person ever, period. He is smart, intelligent, handsome and works to please his partner. Likes to hang around with his friends most of the time and is incredibly polite. He is courteous of those around him and will never turn his back on his girl. Great guy.
I love Terren because he is so nice!
by Rolling Stones Magazine October 17, 2011
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Where do I even start, terren is a person that never fails to make you smile, he has the best laugh that could light up a whole room. He usually has brown/ black hair, Has the cute freckles :) and beautiful eyes. Terren would never hurt you, he has the kindest heart. His humor may be dark asf but he's fucking funny. Terren is the most amazing person I've ever met. He makes me feel it'stehappy, and makes me smile all the time. Terren could probably make your life better like he has mine. When we met 5-6 years ago I didn't know it then but he's the love of my life. No one makes me more happy then him. The terren I know might not feel the same but o well... I still love him and if he does feel the same, 💕💓💕💕💕. :))
Human: who is that amazing human being over there
Human 2: oh its terren!!
by Suckmybigfathugepenia June 21, 2019
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Basically the guy with the perfect dick. Nice smile. Beastly scar. Goood sense of humor, an all around good guy.
Mmm also known as the next guy Im going to fuck. (:
I want to fuck Terren.
by yousuckdick6 July 01, 2010
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Sweetest boyfriend ever, always knows how to cheer you up. Knows your favorite chocolate even though you haven't told him. Really cute and has a kind heart and sense of humor!
Awe! Terren is so sweet!
by doris_grant February 28, 2019
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He is Coolioso, and can do parkour, parlour parkour, he has a big dick too, nice dick, but one!!!
Sjjshshs: Terren can do parkour??!!
Terren: *jumps off chair* pArKoUr sksksksk I diD pArKOur mOM!!!
by Suckmybigfathugepenia June 18, 2019
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a light skin nigga that isn’t shit. Has glasses and curly hair. He’s in everyone’s dm and he thinks just because he flirts with girls they think that he wants them. Really friendly. Who wants a friendly nigga ? Not ii. He’s tall more life 5’8. He wears vans and then ugly beat up Jordan’s that are blue 😂yikesss.
Her : uu seen that nigga Terren ?

Me : oh yeah he be in everyone’s dm.
by uuaintshit101 June 10, 2019
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