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1 trillion bytes or 1024 gigabytes
Holy shit, i have a terabyte of back up space!
by bathax November 27, 2003
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A terabyte is pretty much the largest amount of computer space that is commercially available. It usually only comes in the form of an external hard drive. A terabyte is equal to 1024 gigabytes or 8,796,093,022,208 bits.
My mom ran out of room for our family photos and videos on our 500 gigabyte hard drive, so she had to buy a 1 terabyte hard drive... *headdesk*
by Wolfiekun hugger May 06, 2009
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More than the storage capacity of a holo-mem crystal in the hard science fiction work by Robert L. Forward, Dragon's Egg. At last, one science fiction prediction that became true before its deadline (2050)!
We might not have mastered the art of shrinking asteroids to generate tidal force compensators in order to orbit black holes and neutron stars using fusion rockets, but at least our terabyte-size digital storage is better. w00t!
by whitecanid May 23, 2016
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1000 gigabytes. 2 to the 40th power or approximately a thousand billion bytes (that is, a thousand gigabytes).
My pc PWNS you because I gots 1TB bitxhz.
by thomas t January 15, 2005
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