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A Forest now known as Woodhill Forest in New Zealand. It is a magical forest where dreams come true, and where people seek comfort in order to escape the harsh reality of life.
A: I'm depressed, this world sucks.

B: Yeah i know, we'd be better off living in our own imagination

A: Let's go to Terabithia!

B: Yeah lets go get lost and never come back.
by Bunniewarrior45 April 29, 2009
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the kind of pot of which the kids in the book and movie Bridge to Terabithia are smoking. it is very potent that one smoke of it will transform your surrounding into a wonderful mystical kingdom filled with magical creatures (even if you are in the middle of Times Square)
(while wandering on the forest)

Jess: What is this place?

Leslie: This is TERABITHIAAAAH! a special place for us!

Jess: Are you smoking again?

Leslie: of course dude! try it

(Leslie gives the pot to Jess)

Leslie: Smoke it, close your eyes while keeping your mind wide open...

Jess: (smoking) TERABITHIAAAAH! Nothing crushes us!
by hipro October 16, 2011
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