Amharic(Official language of Ethiopia) for "resurrection," this can be used as a name as well. Tensaes are rare, but smart, friendly, unless you mess with their friends.
"Where were you?"
'Hanging out with Tensae'
by Arclul December 4, 2020
The original word in Amharic means "resurrection" it also is my name and I love it even though it is pretty hard to pronounce when you try it the first time. Tensae is a rare name. Tensae's are very nice and funny and have a great personality. They are always caring and look after their close friends. They are also very pretty and loves to play sports.
As a name it could be used like this :
"Hi Tensae what's up?"
by NaroutoFAN January 12, 2022
Tensae is usually referred to or known as a male, he is one of the weirdest guys you will ever meet, he tends to be a very lazy individual who loves binging movies and youtube. He is also known to be a little bit of a car expert
Guy 1: how weirds Tensae

Guy 2: yeah he needs help…
by Sutto November 23, 2021
A tall car that crashed on mars and is now a guy with a stick who cuts cake.
Stress Tensa
by NesNesTheBestNes March 4, 2017