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A Tenae is a rose that blooms all year round.
"What is that mesmerizing burst of radiating rainbow colour?! It brings me such joy!" "Oh, that's a Tenae Rose."
by RayaSun February 09, 2012
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An unusual name for a girl, or a boy, depending on the light conditions and the way they are standing/what they are doing at the time. Actually, often it is quite hard to tell the difference between a girl and a boy named Tenae, so much so that they may be defined as the same thing in correct circumstances.
Sadly, most of the "Tenae" race is oversized, to the point where Tenae's are often indistinguishable, not just between male and female, but between a planet and a Tenae. It is predicted that by 2013 the International Union d'Aerospatiale will have catalogued and assigned codes to all the Tenae's on our planet, declaring them planets.
It should not be forgotten also, that many Tenae's have a particular affinity for blood, and are known to be more than rough in the bedroom, which they also spend alot of time in.
Other than these things, Tenae's are known to be fun, carefree and over the top, but in a good way (most of the time). Their natural habitat is the beach, doing sporty things (ironic considering their planetary size), whilst they particularly despise all forms of chemistry, except organic chem. Often they are quick to argue and jump at a sarcastic remark, and often they are left without any sort of response, their mouths gaping whilst they are dominated by superior beings such as Jason's and Nic's. It is believed by many animal experts that this "gaping mouth" explains both the sexual reactivity of a Tenae and their size, however it is not known for sure.
Here we can see a Tenae in their natural habitat, trolling the beaches of South Western Australia. LOOK! here she goes, what an amazing moment viewers, right here we are witnessing a real Tenae rolling into the water!
by NicJas(-k!) November 03, 2010
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