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Temecula Racist Teen (TRT) is a term describing White teenagers from Temecula who use certain racial epithets in everyday speech, (sometimes in literal context, sometimes metaphorical), yet do not consider themselves racist.

The main racial epithet used by TRTs is the term "nigger" (and it's various derivatives such as nigga, nukka, nook, etc.). Other terms also used by TRT's are "chink" (often to describe ones eyes in photos when one is squinting), and "beaner" among others.

When confronted, TRTs usually become defensive and claim they are not racists, and that actually society is the problem and "we should stop being so sensitive". One common defense TRTs often use is that they cannot be racist (for using the term "nigga" for example), because they have Black friends and they use the term "nigga" around them with no complaints. One place TRTs usage of racial epithets is often seen is on their Myspace pages.

TRTs usually have spent all or most of their lives in Temecula, either being born there, or moved there at an early age. Many teens who moved to Temecula from more diverse places such as San Diego or Los Angeles are often shocked at the TRTs nonchalant use of such epithets.
Temecula Racist Teen (TRT): What up nigga! I lost my sungalsses and now my eyes are all chink from squinting.

Black Teen: Come on, now. Don't use those words. They are really hurtful.

TRT: Gawwwd, stop being so sensitive and politically correct. You know I'm not being racist. Who are you, Nelson Mandela? Ahahah, you know I'm just funnin' with you, right? We boys right mah niggah? Ahahaha, gimme five!!!!

Black Teen: Listen, you are my friend, but deep down I want to beat the living shit out of you. Stop talking like that. Just because you don't think you're a racist doesn't mean those terms aren't racist.

TRT: Aight, my nigga. I'll stop using the word nigga. Nigga, nigga, nigga. Ahhahahahanigga!!!

Later on the 11 o'clock news...

Reporter: Late breaking story in Temecula, a teenage student was found beaten and in a coma on the campus of Chaparral High School...
by Temekoo May 18, 2008
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