An often small girl who’s smile can light up your whole week, she will always know how to make you laugh even if she is shy at first ,her consistent apologising only makes her cuter and her lack of knowledge when it comes to mama Mia characters names can be quite odd but she’s still you’re number 1
Person 1 “arent you talking to tegan?”
Person 2 “yeah we been talking for a couple weeks”
Person 1 “damn you’re a lucky guy”
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Tegan is a lovely name the meaning of Tegan is :popularity and beautiful also a great girlfriend and best friend
by Cutiepie1010 January 08, 2018
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An Absolutely beautiful but rare creature, free spirited, open minded, creative and crazy but at the same time logical, she has her own very unique style and sex appeal, voice like am angel and a ass like a peach, hustles like a gangster and possess a one of a kind love you only come accross once in a lifetime and boy she can sure suck a dick like a fucking champion.... loyal to the end a ride or die kinda woman with endless amount of talent, a keeper.
(You) Hows it boys, meet my new girlfriend Tegan..........

(Boys) Fucking hell you lucky son of

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by SkullfucksRawesome July 25, 2017
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extreme wannabe pot head. Who enjoys being without clothes
"What is that.. thing?"
"What thing?"
"That naked stoned thing"
"Oh thats just tegan"
by Anonymous March 08, 2003
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THE COOLEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i luv ya hun
we will be best friends 4eva cuz u cant get rid of me now :)
by ali August 18, 2004
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a girl that naps at the worst of times
bridge: im ganna go take a tegan

dec: man your crazy!
by patrick jenkins January 25, 2009
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The sister of willow and a short hyper person who doesn’t know how to look for her phone
(Friend hides her phone )
Tegan:*lookes under pice of paper *”I cant find it”
(Friend holds phone over head )
by TentacleTherapist February 10, 2018
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