Irish Celtic name meaning "beautiful". Imagine a beautiful red haired blue eyed Irish girl. Gorgeous and fiery, this girl will break the boys hearts unintentionally with her inner and outer beauty. She will take care of herself with her strong will and stubborn red head ways.
Tegan is a girl you havent met yet, but long to. Tegan is correctly pronounced TEH-GUN or TAY-GUN, but is commonly mispronounced as TEE-GUN. Some prefer to pronounce it TEE-GUN, but that is incorrect traditionally.
by V.A.L. July 18, 2008
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Tegan identifies beautiful, cute girls who have a spark to them. They're often very flirty but also very caring. Often trusting too much of people who don't deserve it, and a history of getting hurt. Tegan's need to remember their close friends in time of need more often.
I wish I knew if I could trust Tegan, she has so many guys in her life and such a thick history.

Her eyes sparkle like Tegan's!
She acts like such a Tegan.
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A person that is nice, she will brighten your day probably...... but she is also a sassafras and loves to lead the way. And no wonder her name means beautiful it practically describes her. The only down part she’ll yap your ear off.
You’re acting like a Tegan
by Tteegy February 09, 2018
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A female human who very much enjoys pie.
That chick is such a Tegan, look at her love that pie!
by Tegan February 13, 2004
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the coolest person eva who evry1 luvs and is so cool
A: "omg look at that girl shes so pretty and nice and has soooooooooooooo many frendz!
B: "yer she reminds me so much of tegan!"
by tegan August 18, 2004
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1. A hot doctor who character
2. Some sexy female with doe like beautiful
3. One of those chicks that is so fine your balls explode
Crap, my balls just exploded after seeing that totaly fine female with doe like beautiful. Man what a Tegan!
by Tegan Surd December 25, 2007
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