He's an American Influencer, by that I mean, he's a Youtuber. An Ex-Member of Lunch Club.
"Did you hear that Ted Nivison's hosting a podcast?"

"Oh yeah! With Schlatt and Charlie."
by milky-andro February 22, 2021
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Ted Nivison is the owner/co-host of the podcast Chuckle Sandwich, alongside JSchlatt and Charlie Slimecicle.
He is well known for his sense of humor and the many inside jokes that surround both his channel and his podcast.
He is often portrayed as either a man in a milk man outfit or a violent sociopath.
"Ted Nivison is a YouTuber."
"Subscribe to Ted Nivison or he'll break your kneecaps."
by The Carrot Man April 5, 2022
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Pretty cool guy who makes compilations, interviews and pretty funny comedic sketches

He owns a podcast that includes him, Slimecicle and Schlatt, and they have guest stars almost every episode

You should check him out

He also wears glassess
Ted Nivison: *says anything*
Schlatt: *insults him*
Slimecicle: *also insults him*
Ted Nivision: ._.
by tiredidiot September 18, 2021
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