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Another term for Peyronie's Disease, a treatable (albeit embarrassing) condition that causes a man's erection to curve unnaturally. Most often associated with Xiaflex, a medication used to treat Peyronie's.
It's perfectly normal to have a bent carrot, but an unusual bend or bump that bothers you may be a sign of Peyronie's Disease.
by The Carrot Man December 25, 2021
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Ted Nivison is the owner/co-host of the podcast Chuckle Sandwich, alongside JSchlatt and Charlie Slimecicle.
He is well known for his sense of humor and the many inside jokes that surround both his channel and his podcast.
He is often portrayed as either a man in a milk man outfit or a violent sociopath.
"Ted Nivison is a YouTuber."
"Subscribe to Ted Nivison or he'll break your kneecaps."
by The Carrot Man April 5, 2022
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