- (v.) to prematurely say "I love you", the weight of which scares away you're romantic partner. May be done on purpose to overwhelm someone who is a potential partner and scare them away.

- (n.) A scheme to pick-up women by telling the target your story of being left at the alter during your own wedding. The story will generate enough pity and sympathy that would override the girl's better judgement.

Both definitions named after Ted Mosby due to his actions in the show "How I Met Your Mother".
Barney: Robin I want to be with you.

Robin: I love you!!

Barney: Woahhh, i think we should just be friends...WAIT you just Ted Mosby'd me!

Barney: sniff* I got left at the alter....

Ted: for all those keeping score, the Ted Mosby worksss!!
by Gu3ss July 20, 2011
a play on girls in which you

1. put on a plaid button up over a graphic tee
2. Hold in your hands an engagement ring and look as sad and lonely as possible
3. Tell her "I got left at the altar"
4. She will then comfort you....and it is on
The Ted Mosby gets things going!
by barney'splaybook June 10, 2013
1. The main character on HIMYM. While Ted is sweet, awesome, and romantic, he can also be rather douchey (and that's douchey, not douché) as a reflection of his personality in college. His main goal during his late 20s and early 30s is to find a wife, and he pursues many ill-fated relationships to fulfill this goal.

2. A man whose life is way too focussed on getting married and having children.

3. A noted fictional porn star, sex architect, and philanderer described in tedmosbyisajerkcom
Man: Guys! Why am I not married yet? I'm almost 24! My biological clock is ticking! I'm so lonely in this world! I just want a wife and lots of babies to call my own!

Everybody else: Dude! Don't be such a Ted Mosby. Besides, you are a guy, you don't have a biological clock.
by HIMYM fan May 8, 2009
the best character on how i met your mother. he is extremely underrated. and does not deserve the hate he gets.
you know that show how i met your mother? it wouldn’t make any sense without ted since there would be no one to meet the mother.

you’re such a ted mosby!
(aka you’re the main character but also the best character.)
by I’m so bored February 11, 2021
When you tell a girl you love her inappropriately soon, like on the first or second date or during a first time hook up.
Unless she is the girl from swim fan she will most likely be freaked out by this declaration of love.
"Dude I messed up last night, I brought this cutie home from the bar last night and accidentally Ted Mosby-ed her mid makeout session. She just said she had to go, as it was getting late and left."
by Dexvd January 30, 2012
Many dating advice books, websites, columns, etc say that the main reason why some people struggle with dating is because of "unrealistic expectations" or as I like to call them "Ted Mosby Expectations". Ted Mosby is the name of one of the main characters on the long running successful sitcom, "How I Met Your Mother". He thinks most of the women he likes and dates are "the one" he will marry and have his children which is not the right mindset to have. It's hard to find the right person especially when you're a "nice guy" like him. Hence his expectations are unrealistic although I gotta say he is very persistent and many guys can relate to his experiences and "unrealistic expectations"
Dude you have "Ted Mosby Expectations" when it comes to dating; they are too high and unrealistic!
by GuitarMelody June 8, 2014