An abusive sometimes angry critique of the victim's actions or work. Such a painful and embarrassing evaluation that it feels like the authority is trying to tear a new asshole for you. (Assholes being an embarrassing body area.)

Secondarily, tear a new asshole may refer to total domination by an opponent similar to a gay rape where the attacker didn't even bother to find to the actual asshole.
The drunken male marines performance on the whore house obstacle course was so pitiful that their sergeant had to tear a new asshole for all of them with a rusty pocket knife. But he praised the females for being righteous Ho's on the beach.
by dudelookslikeachimp December 29, 2007
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To display a level of awesomeness that eliminates all competition. To make someone, usually an audience, feel as if they have been torn a new anus by your amazing display of skill.
To Tear a new asshole:

After a flute concert:
Mother, I tore them a new asshole!
by John Bent October 31, 2007
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What one might do with a drill-shaped penis.
When I take the bus home afterwards, I won't be able to sit, because they're going to tear me a new asshole.
by Yoni June 1, 2004
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To be extremely annoying to someone; to mistreat somebody to an extreme.
My boss is extremely demanding, he tear a new asshole to all his employees daily!
by Turro June 7, 2009
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tear you a new asshole to be beaten senseless or near death to the point of not being able to fight back
man your girlfriend is so ugly and is going to have an ugly baby

dude, you better shut up about my girlfriend and our baby or I'm going to tear you a new asshole

man are you threatening me

yes man you better back off

ok man I get you
by littlejimmie November 22, 2019
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Tear you a new asshole, means to get cussed out degrade and make you feel like an idiot because you did something you wernt supposed to do or messed something up in some way shape or form
Ex. Did you hear John wrecked his dads truck last night? Sucks to be him His dad is going tear him a new asshole.

Ex. John showed up to work late two days in a row, the boss is looking for him he's about to tear him a new asshole.

Tear you a new asshole
by Airin Smith November 2, 2013
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