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Team Mystic also know as Team blue to those who cant remember the names is one of the 3 team out can pick when you reach level 5 in Pokemon go.

Its leader is Blanche. Its mascot is Articuno. The teams all about evolving and unlocking its secrets. The team is know to be cool and collected that usually takes a logical and academic approach on life. You don't have to be that way to join though team Mystic is open to all and will alwase share a helping hand
Hey look you reached level five what team are you going to pick

Team Mystic I heard they were really good
by LunaDaPimp July 14, 2016
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The blue team of Pokémon Go. While easily the most popular team in the game, the majority seems to be the most butthurt. When they're not busy getting their gyms taken from them, they can be found on various forums either touting how smart they are, or calling Team Valor brainless jocks.


When encountered in the wild, the bulk of Team Mystic seems to be made up of teenagers or salty neckbeards complaining about the heat.
Team Mystic would have the White House if they spent less time calling Valor dumb.
by Budhurt July 25, 2016
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The blue team of Pokémon GO, represented by its mascot, the Legendary Bird Articuno. The team is lead by Blanche, who is researching why it is that Pokémon evolve.
Person 1: Hey, you play Pokémon GO?

Person 2: Yeah

Person 1: Which team are you on?

Person 2: Team Mystic

Person 1: Cool, me too! :)
by SupahSmashBoy August 09, 2016
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Also known as trash team mystic is a terrible group of people, that also double as trash.
Mom i ran into team mystic today, they were trash.
by Krax420 July 12, 2016
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