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A tea cozy is a hat shaped liked a bowl that british people love to call tea cozy.A tea cozy is popular between the ages of 13 to 18 and british people seem to think children are wearing tea cozys but they are actually hats.
Mr.Williams the IV:Adam!!!Get that tea cozy of your head.Damn children wearing tea cozies as hats.

Adam:Mr Williams this is a hat not a tea cozy ,a H-A-T you wear them on your head.

Luke farnsworth the third:What the bloody hell did you just say.your a bloody wanker corblimey.
by Mr katsouros May 06, 2010
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V. The female equivalent of the tea bag, where a person's nose is covered by a woman's labia majora.
Hey check out the nose on that guy. I'd like to tea cozy him.
by rye fo February 26, 2009
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Variant of tea bag.

–verb (used with object)
1. to intentionally and forcibly insert the scrotum and testicles of a male into the anal orifice of another, generally a woman.


1. the act of 'tea cozying' another.

β€”Related forms
tea cozying, tea cozied
"Urged on by his peers, Arthur proceeded to tea cozy Betsy's freshly-reamed ass."

"Damn bitch, you just got tea cozied!"
by Vincent Reid Fowler January 29, 2007
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