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Tayne is a GENUINE OKE and he’s always got the goods. He seems shy and quiet at first but to his close friends he’s the funniest guy to have around. Tayne is a ladies man and will drift his Audi right into your DMs. Smooth criminal.
Guy: Man, I just can’t get lucky with the ladies...

Guy 2: Dude, you need to be more like Tayne. He gets all the ladies.
by CBenzkilla July 01, 2018
Tayne is a handsome, sweet guy who will always look out for your feelings. If you are lucky enough to have a Tayne in your life, never let him go, he will put your needs before his own. Tayne knows his way with the ladies and is a fine businessman.
“That guys got cash.” “Yeah, that’s Tayne”
by Katy135 January 29, 2019
A black smelly man who showers rarely and hates washing.
Jill: "that boy smells"
Ben: "yeah that's Tayne"
by Quintonthequeer June 18, 2014
Any steamy video that’s NSFW.
Now Tayne I can get into.”
by #namenotonhere March 06, 2019
T.A.Y.N.E Refers to the Discord Quick Switcher, also known as T.A.Y.N.E. Or as they say:

I used the T.A.Y.N.E to switch to my favorite server in Discord without even using my mouse!
by iiCodeDev May 24, 2018