Angel.Beautiful.Amazing.Bullied by everyone.She should be left alone.I just want to punch the people who treat her badly!LEAVE HER ALONE!She has the most beautiful voice in the world!
Taylor Swift,beautiful,Amazing,angel
by _ilovetaylorswift__<3 May 23, 2013
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What happened when some hoe ran into a rundown drunk cowboy town and decided to have sex with the nearest thing with a penis.

Result = a cutesy blonde girl who was told growing up she has a potential singing gift if only she would share it with the world, but now that she did 'share her gift' the world is asking her to go into hiding in Alaska because every time they listen to a song, their ears bleed in pain.

Listening to more than one Taylor Swift song a day (why you're listening to her whitetrash country shit i don't know..) will result in a very routine, depressing day because you will forever have the same melody stuck in your head but you won't be able to decide if you are

1. hating a guy
2. in love with a guy
3. or hating a girl who took the guy who you hate because you were in love with him then he left you for another hoe.

... Thanks a fucking lot Taylor Swift.

Go move to Alaska.

or better yet Canada, and take Justin Beiber with you.

P.S. scarlet letter refers to a girl who got knocked up, and is a classic. the song you use that to discribe yourself in is totally using it wrong because you're just being a whiney bitch because your dad won't let you date a drunkhobo. Completely wrong use of the phrase 'scarlet letter' .
depressed emo girl : God, i hate him and that stupid whore he ran off with. I loved him so much and he completely ruined me. I think I'll write a repetative song to express my feelings .. again.
person : too much Taylor Swift again ?
by lorettanicoleanne December 27, 2010
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A twenty five years old (country)pop singer with a magical voice , has ocean blue eyes, golden blond hair and legs longer than your future.Is twenty FIVE and a legal adult, but is mentally on a higher level. Is busy&obsessed with winning awards and will win any award she can get her hands on, no matter if she's nominated or just casual sitting in the ordinance.HER relationships and break ups are her private thing but sure she feels something after or in a relationship like...every human and her way to process all this things is to write deep lyrically meaningful songs about love, life and most of all her FEELINGS. The media and some people who don't get her songs like mean,shake it off or blank space are often talking sh*t about her. She's currently at the beginning of her 1989 world tour what means that's 2015 and people should know that she can do whatever she wants to do...OH AND SHE IS THE NICEST CELEBRITY IN THE WORLD bc her strong connection with her fans.
Currently dating with first name: NOT surname: YOUR BUSINESS
Girl: "I'm smart, hot and wrote speak now by myself...who am I?

by taylorsleftleg May 05, 2015
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A country turned pop singer, who is inspired by all things in her life, and uses those to compose songs. Taylor's fan base is called 'The Swifties' who are nice compassionate, fans whom have a good heart and let other people in, however if one disses Taylor, 'The Swifties will proudly defend their queen. Taylor has 4 complete albums and another is being released on October 27th 2014 of course referring to '1989'!! Her first single off this album is called 'Shake It Off' and is the first sound of pop, people have heard from Taylor, in this song Taylor expresses that HATERS GONNA HATE, BUT WE JUST HAVE TO SHAKE IT OFF!!! Taylor has won over 200 awards and was the youngest ever to win 'Entertainer Of The Year. People might despise of her because of her love life. Last year Taylor donated 4 million US dollar to her Education centre, which expresses how caring and generous she is!!!
Amy: I like Taylor Swift, her music is good!

by 1989FEARLESSSWIFTIE August 31, 2014
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Taylor Swift is a 24 year old Singer who writes a lot of breakup songs (to most people that is). However, she has written more non-breakup songs than breakup songs.

Examples of non-breakup songs: Ronan, Mean, Safe and Sound, Eyes Open, Long Live, 22, Stay Beautiful, Innocent, The Lucky One, Lucky You, Never Grow Up, Sweeter Than Fiction ect.

Examples of breakup songs: We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Picture To Burn, Better Than Revenge, Sad Beautiful Tragic ect.

Examples of non-breakup love songs: Sparks Fly, Love Story, You Belong With Me, Ours, Our Song, Mary's Song(Oh My My), Jump Then Fall, Starlight, Enchanted ect.

Taylor Swift I sweet celebrity who comments on her fans pages. She has recently given dating advice and stuff like that to two girls. She loves having little "Single Girls" parties with her Best Friends.

Taylor Swift stops in the street to give autographs to fans and take pictures with them. She once bought pizza for her fans who were crowding this street waiting for her.

Taylor has not dated a guy for a bit more than two years now.
Person: Oh my God, all the songs that Taylor Swift writes are breakup songs. She's such a whore for dating so many guys that I can't even count them using my fingers and toes.
Swiftie: Aww, sweetie, you must be missing thirteen fingers and toes in total because Taylor only dated 7 guys and she has written a lot more song that aren't breakup songs to breakup songs.
Person: ...Sorry...
by pegicorn302 August 01, 2014
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Taylor Alison Swift is an american singer/songwriter who's birthday is December 13, 1989. She grew up in a small town called Reading, PA and moved to Nashville, TN when she was 12-13. She has 5 albums currently released (Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989) She's had 10 boyfriends in the last 10 years so no she is not a whore who only writes about her ex's. She writes so many other songs. She is currently the most followed person on Instagram (2015) With over 50m followers.
Friend: "Taylor Swift is so stupid all she does is writes about boys and breakups"
Swiftie: *Camera zooms in as you stare into camera like on the office*
by christine6252 March 20, 2016
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Amazing country/pop singer who's album FEARLESS went number 1 on the billboard charts for 11 weeks......aka the best artist in the world with incredible lyrics.
Taylor Swift?
Yes please.
by Fearless13 March 26, 2009
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