A overly hyped mediocre country singer who only sings about teenage "love", whose career was drastically skyrocketed by sympathy due to an embarrassing drunken act preformed by famed rapper Kanye West.

It has been reported that she sued a small karrrokee bar in Texas because people were singing her song and she was not getting any royalties for it. Next time yo think she is this "sweet and innocent girl" think again.

Did anyone else noticed that she fakes her "OMG I cant believe I just won an award" expression? She knows she is like the top country singer right now(don't see why though). That act really needs to go and i hope evceryone can see her for the fake and petty person that she reall is.
Girl 1: Gawsh Taylor Swift needs some new material for her songs.
Girl 2: What do you expect she is a mediocre singer/songwriter.

Guy 1: That Taylor Swift's hot isn't she?
Guy 2: Nah not really. To me she looks like a chipmunk, beaver, deer, ferret looking thing.
Guy 1: Haha, to each his own bro.
by Nykkee February 08, 2010
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Guy: Taylor Swift is so hott!
Girl: Have you even heard her music?
Guy: Well, er... No...
by Mimi, kitty December 29, 2009
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The most genuine, sweetest. & beautiful inside-and-out celebrity. Not only is she incredibly talented as a singer & songwriter, she's sincere to her fans. People complain that she only writes songs about love; it's true that love is her main subject, but if you look around almost every artist sings about love. She has plenty of songs that are not about love, such as Ronan, which she dedicated to a boy who died of leukemia. Others complain that she's supposed to be a country singer but isn't; I think it's great that she's experimenting with different things. And to those people who say she has no talent at all: Are you a 6 time Grammy Award Winner? Have you sold over 26 million albums & 70 million song downloads worldwide? People also call her a slut for having so many relationships, but she's said so herself that she's a hopeless romantic & falls in love easily. It's wonderful that she never gives up on love even though she's been hurt before, and that's she's open enough to share her lessons & realizations of love with the world. If you actually listen to her songs, any girl can relate to her beautiful lyrics. Not to mention that she's an amazing role model for these girls; unlike almost any other celebrity in the industry now, she's never really had any bad press. She's an incredibly down-to-earth, hilariously awkward, & sincerely sweet person, & doesn't deserve all the hate she gets.
Person 1: Who's your favorite celebrity?
Person 2: Taylor Swift. She's an amazing song-writer and she's really talented as a singer. Plus she has one of the sweetest and most sincere personalities ever.
by hannahtaylor13 December 15, 2012
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A girl who sings "country" and who for some reason everyone seems to like. however, if you look into her eyes, you can plainly see the pure EVIL that hides there under thet "inocent" persona.
Taylor swift is a grown woman who looks nice but is pure evil.
by truthtellerx4 July 08, 2010
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A twenty-three year old singer who is unjustly hated upon because of her dating history.
Person 1: Did you hear that new Taylor Swift song?
Person 2: Ya its amazing!!
by ChristianGrl June 21, 2013
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A prime example of how looks can get you anywhere in America. Despite her rat like features, our nation has fallen absolutely head over heels in love with Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift is one of the worst singers to ever come out of country music. Her songs were good when she first came out but then they got old, repetitive, and most of them are just stupid with little to no real meaning, other then her bad experience with a boy. I expected a little bit of a different sound in her new album now that shes hit 21, but Taylor Swift is a 8 year old in an 21 year old body. If you hate on Taylor Swift in public you are asking for a death wish because even your best of friends will hate you. Taylor Swift is most famous for being interrupted by Kanye West at the VMAs. She road that gravy train to ultimate stardom and wrote a stupid song about the experience called Innocence.
Jennifer: "I mean yeah maybe Taylor Swift has a good personality, but she's a horrible singer.."

Jennifers best friend: "Don't ever f-ing talk about Taylor Swift like that again, you're obviously jeal..."
by April Bee December 17, 2010
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