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A beautiful virgin that doesnt tolerate any bullshit. She may seem like the type to back down from a fight because she despises violence, but she much rather defend heself & beat someones ass! She loves video games, music, movies, blue & tacos. She has a nice body & can get really freaky if you turn her on. Her smile is unbelievably bright & I swear she will make anyones day
Yo check her out over in the blue
Ayee she kinda cute I gotta get the name
Its probably Tatiyana Bro
by sofcknhomo March 03, 2015
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A beautiful and gorgeous girl. She is very smart and very funny. She is the kind of girl that always makes you smile. If you make a really corny joke she will laugh. She loves to play video games and if she never played the video game she would want you to teach her and she will fall in love with the game. She loves to sing or dance. If she is your friend she always has your back. She wants to be everyone's friend. If she had/has a boyfriend he would never want to loose her. She is like a pocketful of sunshine. She always laughs and smiles.
"Omg, tatiyana looked so gorgeous today"!!
by Asia West October 23, 2013
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A beautiful, and smart girl. Has trouble, but never gives up. Smiles a lot, can cheer someone up. Makes friends were ever she goes. Intelligent. Has her own sense of fashion. Shy, but awesome when friends. Good writer. Has a lot of creativity. Any guy would be lucky to have her. Will be happily married. Great with advice. Takes control,when needed. A little bossy. Very emotional. Has a kind spirit and heart. Don't make her sad, you will feel bad and regret it.
Tatiyana: Hi want to be friends?
Person: Sure.

Tatiyana: why are you sad?
Person: my friend isn't my friend anymore.
Tatiyana: I'll be your friend!
by Tigerlover101 🐯 April 08, 2017
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The baddest bitch you will ever meet. She’s independent and gets shit done. She’s funny and kind but once you try her she will cut you the fuck off. She’s a great companion and she will really make you fall in love. She has great style and is always fly. If you let go of a tatiyana just know you done fucked up
Damnnnn who that over there, she look good as hell

That’s prolly a tatiyana
by Baddestbihh January 21, 2018
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Shes sexy, funny, kind, thick!, etc. Tatiyana is one of a kind, you dont want to lose her. She is a great friend and girlfriend. Shes freaky and doesnt got the time for nobody shit. She dont play about her boyfriend either she will stab a bitch! One more thing is, she loves to cuddle with her bae.
“That tatiyana girl she sexy AF! She probably has a boyfriend though, i mean who wouldnt want that” “Tatiyana has a big butt
by 🤩😍😍🤩😕😘 December 02, 2018
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