A powerful fraternal-like bond created instantaneously upon learning that you and a friend have unknowingly ordered the same food while eating out.
Wait, dude, you got the torpedo slam burger with a side of tater tornadoes TOO?! We're officially Taste Buds! *they high five*
by Pineking April 24, 2017
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Those dots on your tongue when you stick your tongue out on something metal, (Like a mirror or glass), Taste Buds are like president voters and the food is the president, the taste buds will depend if the food (or taste) is good or bad.
1) I ate some mangoes and my taste buds thinks its very good, the mangoes are the new president.

2) Person 1: There are some light pink things on my tongue and I think its a tongue infection!! Person 2: No, Those are your taste buds.
by LOLDayIsAFriday26 December 24, 2019
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when a girl commits to licking a guys tongue for the rest of her life.
i found my taste bud.

when i laid eyes on him i knew he would be my taste bud.
by owlgirl1227 June 24, 2013
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Something that controls your taste
Laney’s taste buds don’t agree with vegetables and fruit because they are healthy
by olive pizza because April 18, 2020
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When a dish or snack is so amazing your taste buds feel the sensation of a complete orgasm repeatedly. A taste bud orgasm often results in an uncontrollable tongue.
Dude, those cookies your Grandma made were so good that I had a taste bud orgasm.

That chocolate cake was so moist and delicious I think I might have had a few taste bud orgasms.
by Dr.J-Pepper February 18, 2015
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What one receives when a certain food or substance tastes good!
Wow Jim! That steak you made gave me a T.B.O. ( Taste Bud Orgasm )!!!
by ETA1313 February 27, 2010
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