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A Tasmin makes you feel exactly how you want to feel, somehow making your heart combust 90% of the time and having a talent for teasing you 100% of the time. Tasmin’s are usually Funny, Sarcastic, and Beautiful people that you want in your life in whatever way you can get them. Tasmin's always are there when you Need them and they make at the very least AMAZING friends,being that rare someone you can properly take the piss out of with NO CONSEQUENCES (admittedly that’s probably because you’re insults are shit but hey ho). Tasmin’s have Beautiful hair, bodies, and personalities. Brunette Tasmin are the best. If you find a Tasmin, dont be a pussy because believe me, shes too good an opportunity to pass up. If you have a Tasmin, you feel like you want to put in the effort because she is beyond worth your time. Tasmin's can have really dirty minds and can make you laugh at just about everything. Tasmin’s are jokers that never fail to find some way to shut you up and make you feel better (even if that way is by being a vampire). Even when they don’t think it, they never fail to make u feel better than you were before.
Use in sentence: Hey look its Tasmin *heart explodes*
by *heart explodes* May 06, 2019
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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Smiley, Sleepy, Conciderate. Doesn't like make up or girly pretence. Loves sport and is very competitive.
Tasmin can't take it slow in anything she sees as competitive, she has to try to win.
by LilacMist July 06, 2012
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A female cats name meaning wild and crazy.
by Anonymous April 24, 2003
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The name of a cat. Generally very sleepy, loves playing musical instruments, is a major japan-fan and loves gaming. Doesn't like sports but can be competitive when forced to.
Tasmin: I want to sleep!
Tasmin: I want to watch anime! Desu!!
Tasmin: I'm just going to play my violin now.
by Rena chan December 08, 2013
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