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A pretty amazing girl, with the talent of arts, she has her evil side but shes a sweetheart and its the jeolous type, shes pretty smart and unique and truly cares about other people.
That's my girl Tashawna
by PrinceasUrban March 14, 2017
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A complete bitch who is very needy, and wants all the attention from everyone, so, Tashawna also stands for attention whore, but in subtle ways. Tashawna is nice until she is crossed, and is very savage.
"You're being like Tashawna, everyone hates it."
by princess5578 September 13, 2016
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someone without a brain:

“is that tashawna?”

anyone with a brain:

“no, that’s one big thot!”
by ThotCop June 04, 2018
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