A common Scottish term to insert at the awkward moment when you temporarily forget someone's name. Useful to avoid that occasional embarrassment.
Steve: Hi, Susan!
Susan: Hi . . . uhhhhhh . . . Steve! Sorry, I tartled there for a moment.
by lodedosdeensaladareal September 4, 2011
An Irish term mainly from the North of Ireland

A "tartle" is the piece of shit that sticks to a cows ass. It can also refer to humans, as the piece of shit that balls up and stick to your ass hair when wiping.

Due to to it being stuck to your ass it remains close and follows you , so it is commonly used to refer to a hang-a-long or stalker that follows you everywhere.
Wow that chick is a real "tartle" she is following you everywhere.
by Poodart December 14, 2010
A person who does a good job of fucking up like a retard.
Wow she is such a tartle.
by Erbear September 3, 2017
The act of flatulating very vigorously and without remorse. This usually occurs after a combination of coffee and muffin, often leading to violent interacial hate crimes and loss of friends, which eventually culminates in clinical depression.
As Bob stepped out of the coffee shop, he angrily began tartle popping.

After much frustration, Jimmy finally yelled, "That tartle pop was vicious."
by Bloobies May 9, 2010
The biggest Solana degens of all times. Usually seen in their Alpha-Hut on Discord fudding other projects and influencooors during the day (and night - true degens don't sleep).

Traits: Degen, Toxic
"Buy so I can use you as exit liquidity bozo - Tartles"
by BlockchainPan July 8, 2022