Noun: Someone who seems completely ignorant or idiotic in method, speech, or action, but is surprisingly capable of amazing feats.
The Scotsman from Gendy Tartakovsky's Samurai Jack is Tardcore
by kataklyzmik June 21, 2006
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Not for the squeamish, this category of porn is much like death metal..... you either love it or hate it
Man, I watched some tardcore porn last night and can't get the noises out of my head. Im not sure if she was being tortured or having the time of her life
by ComedyByAlan December 21, 2018
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Something that is trying to be hardcore, but it ends up being overused and just ends up looking completely retarded.

1. tYpInG lIkE tHiS iS tArDcOrE
2. Gamertags like "Blaze" and "razor" and "Demon Killer of Twilight 666" and other things like that are tardcore.
3. T-shirts with flaming skulls or tribal designs on them are tardcore, as are tattoos that have a tribal design or a skull.
4. Cars with flame decals are tardcore.
5. People who say "tubular" are tardcore.

All perople who say things like "rad" or "tight" or "righteous" are automatically awesome. And if you disagree, then you are tardcore.
by Matthew Gappmeyer May 05, 2007
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a person who is oblivious to the fact that they are geeky, nerdy, weenish, fucktardy or dweeby, one who believes themselves "holier than thou", awesome, powerful, but is in reality mediocre at best in every standing of the typical human cluster. In other words, a literal egotistical idiot.

"Woman 1:That guy in customer service is an asshole. He can't tie his shoes but he thinks he knows about proper business management.

Woman 2: No, he's just tardcore."

"Fuckers who act like they know everything about anything, man they be tardcore shitheads."

"Kevin the Sea Cucumber from "Spongebob Squarepants", is a prime example of "tardcore".
by Kilderok March 18, 2007
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May refer to porn with mentally challenge people, sometimes specific to folks with down syndrome.
-Is there any porn with down syndrome dudes?

-Op neds to search tardcore in some underground forums.
by headphoneguy19 July 25, 2015
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In World of Warcraft, people who play all the time but aren't any good are called tardcore.
That guild raids 40 hours a week but they have the same progression as somebody's alt guild that raids 8 hours a week. They're so tardcore.
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