A very rich wealthy and prominent town in Fort Worth Texas. The moms are known as "Tanglewood Moms" who rush from coffee to yoga to pta meetings. The houses are pretty and the people are prettier. If you live in fort worth but you dont live in Tanglewood you havent "made" it yet. The people who diss TWOOD are just jealous they dont live there. Also everyone there has "help" like a maid and a nannny. Oh and may i add all the maids names are Maria, Sandra, Ana, etc. (so pretty much they are all mexicans) But overall fort worth is a great place to live if you can stay on top :)
me:i live in tanglewood
other person:oh bro you must be rich
by ohnobody July 20, 2013
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Hard core streets where the pimps reside, man u..shiiiii..man thats where dem hard core gangstaz be slangin that crack bussin those aks and rollin on dem clean 24s..get shot the fuck up wanna-be mu fuckas.we'll put holez n u like swiss cheeze. 5 n da mornin, on tha corner clockin.down here, its snowin n the summer,and hot as july n the middle of december out of townas dont come up n tha 512, or we'llwrap u up like a fuckin burrito bitch.
"ey man u here bout dat hood down in da ATX?"
"hell nah man"
"nah man dont go check it out, u be gettin shot up, beat up, and wrapped up all n da same day"
by Koy mu fucka June 2, 2005
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A mafia related gang in Yonkers, New York, who got the name from hangin around the Tanglewood Shopping Center. Most commonly tied to the Lucchese crime family.
The Tanglewood Boys killed one of the Colombos.
by Original Mafiosa February 9, 2005
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